Online at Bookings are essential for all courses.
Curtin Student Guild reserves the right to cancel courses for any reason deemed necessary. Full refunds will be provided if courses are cancelled. Over subscribed courses may require some enrolments to be refunded. Participants must inform the Curtin Student Guild if they are unable to begin an enrolled course. If participants cancel a booking more than 14 days in advance of their course commencement date, then a partial refund will be given, with a 10% processing fee withheld. If a participant cancels a booking less than 14 days in advance of their course commencement, or fails to attend a course, NO refund will be given. In the case of any accredited course (such as First Aid), no refund will be issued should the course instructor deem that a participant does not meet competency requirements for that course. The participant will be required to re-sit the course at their own expense.
Curtin Student Guild, their employees and the course instructors cannot be held liable for any personal injuries or accidents arising from participation in any of these activities unless the organisation is deemed negligent. Participants must be physically and mentally capable to undertake the activity for which they enrol.
The Guild respects your privacy. We collect, store and use your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988. You consent to Curtin Student Guild using your personal information to operate and provide you with the services of the Curtin Student Guild. You also consent to Curtin Student Guild using your personal information to assist in planning, developing and researching product and service offerings involving the Curtin Student Guild. We have relationships with third parties to whom we make disclosures of your personal information in connection with such uses. You consent to Curtin Student Guild disclosing your personal information to those with whom we have service arrangements (these may include Life Hacks service providers), and to those with whom we have alliance arrangements, where our disclosure is for the purpose of the above uses to which you consent.
May be students, staff or community members. These courses are designed for adult persons only. Although it may be possible for children to participate in certain courses, prior instructor approval must be obtained before enrolment. Legal restrictions may further restrict participation of individuals.